The place to try our Drupal modules

Welcome to this sandbox that allows you to try some of the Drupal modules we made before using them on your site:

  • CKEditor Link
  • File Resumable Upload
  • ImageField Focus
  • Menu Admin per Menu
  • Menu Depth Limit
  • Menu Firstchild
  • Node Option Premium

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This is a sandbox, i.e. a test environment, made available to users to test the different modules developed by Absyx.
Absyx can not be held responsible for the test content posted by users within this sandbox.


Demonstrating Node Option Premium

What you're reading here is only the summary :-(

The full content of this page is available to premium users only.

Demonstrating CKEditor Video

A looping video without controls:

A video with controls:

Demonstrating Imagefield Focus

Original image
scaled at 200×200
At 200×200 At 200×100 At 100×200
Default Scale And Crop
Focus Scale And Crop
Low strength
Focus Scale And Crop
Medium strength
Focus Scale And Crop
High strength


Test menu 2

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